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MAPA runs a regular range of educational and networking events, including workshops, seminars,  conferences and webinars with a range of online options for its membership. Aligned with MAPA’s mission of supporting and enhancing the skills and knowledge amongst those working within  Medical Affairs, these provide valuable opportunities to hear and learn from experts in their field, and to actively engage in topics that are helping to shape the Australian pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. MAPA also contribute to others events with MAPS, ARCS and IFAPP and MAPA members are often invited speakers at other industry.


Corporate Reputation & Medical Affairs

Corporate reputation in medical affairs is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry, impacting trust and credibility in healthcare. Medical affairs teams bridge science and business, communicating accurate, scientific information in an ethical way. Prioritising integrity, compliance, and patient-centricity is vital.

Two panels in Sydney and Melbourne discussed this topic, emphasizing the role of thought leadership, medical education, and patient advocacy. In Sydney, the panel featured insights from Lauren Pasfield, Ruari MacDonald, Krishnan Thiru, and Adam Wyldeck. Meanwhile, in Melbourne, the panel included Tamara Etto, Michele Robbins, Paul Slade, and Hayley Anderson. These discussions highlighted the importance of ethical conduct and transparency in shaping corporate reputation in healthcare. Both sessions were kicked off by Gemma Hudson, who shared some research around expectations for the healthcare industry, reinforcing the importance of ethical conduct, transparency and the provision of accurate and timely education.

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'MAPA/MAPS Summit 2023'

We are pleased to announce the MAPA/MAPS Medical Affairs Summit 2023 will be taking place in Sydney, Australia from November 8-10. We invite you to submit proposals for breakout sessions, including workshops and best practices sessions. Proposals should align with the meeting's theme, "Expanding the Horizons of Medical Affairs", and should place a particular emphasis on areas of innovation and leadership. By your company participating in the summit, you will have the opportunity to:
1.    Showcase Your Expertise
2.    Drive Thought Leadership
3.    Network with Industry Leaders



'Putting the ‘access’ into Access Programs' (2023)

This webinar is tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical sector, covering: 1) The issue of equitable access to treatment in Australia, 2) The  importance of access programs for patients. 3) The necessity of providing clinicians with education and timely access to programs, 4) Case study – The MAP (Medicines Access Portal), 5) Common questions about the MAP and 6) How access programs and can transform lives – from the lived experience of a patient.



'MAPS/APPA Joint Medical Affairs Summit' (2022)

The APPA-MAPS Joint Medical Affairs Summit 2022 was held in Sydney from 17 November to 18 November 2022, bringing together over 200 Australian medical affairs professionals. The program included thought-provoking plenary and keynote presentations, a panel discussion on the MAPS 2030 White Paper as well as engaging workshops throughout both days.

APPA 2022 Webinar - HTA Reform Updated with Hyperlink (1).jpg

**Highlights video is currently being prepared


'Understanding the impact of HTA (health technology assessment) Reform' (2022)

Insights were provided with the aid of an expert panel answering questions both on what HTA Reform seeks to achieve, and the important role our members and other stakeholders can play through exploration of physician, patient, government and industry perspectives. This was an outstanding opportunity to contribute to the discussion, and accelerate understanding and appreciation of the HTA Reform and implications of this to HCPs and patients.



Entrepreneurship in Medical Affairs (2022)

The challenges and rewards of “playing outside the box”

This webinar featured a panel of three Medical Affairs entrepreneurs who shared insights on their career journey and how they have leveraged their experience as Medical Affairs professionals in their innovative ventures.



‘Patients are a virtue’
Is patient-centricity a verb or noun’ and what can Medical Affairs do in this area ? (2022)

The power of the patient is evolving and this webinar explored how industry can, and should, authentically include patients as key opinion leaders and stakeholders in Medical Affairs.

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