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MSLs are recognized as a specialty force for being an important resource to the Pharma companies and to the HCPs who they deal with.

One of the crucial roles of MSLs is involved in cross-functional teams that can assist with creating and maintaining HCP access and patient education on a greater level. MSLs may normally be inclined to be generalists and as a matter of fact, they are involved in business unit discussions, serve as the face of a company’s medical affairs, voice of the practitioner, and are giving input and expertise to brand teams.

But, a future predictive development in the MSL role is the move toward specialisation. One may view an MSL as either a generalist or specialist, but the future environment may trend to more of a specialist role. Typically this means that an MSL is focused in one therapeutic area, however, there may be more sub-therapeutic specialisation within therapeutic areas. For example, kidney or metabolic disease within endocrinology, hypertension or heart failure within cardiovascular and inflammation or pain within rheumatology.

An important question that some aspiring MSLs may have is that “Which company might be right to match my expertise as an MSL?”

The infographic below shows the various global Pharma companies and the therapeutic areas they specialise in.


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